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Climb Credit is a student loan company that focuses on vocational schools and bootcamp programs.


Climb's analytics show that there is a user drop-off in their loan application funnel and of those who finish and get pre-approved, some users do not accept Climb's loan offer.


Define users, learn their behaviors, motivations, and needs as they access Climb’s loan application to improve the application funnel and increase conversion rates.

Platform: Responsive Web (Desktop, tablet, mobile)


Shared research, data analysis, ideation, and testing responsibilities

Lead the UI and prototype design

Getting to Know the Users


❗Because of privacy (and some legal) reasons, contacting Climb customers directly was not permitted. Our team got crafty in collecting information and recruiting real Climb clients for interviews and tests.


In the end we were still able to conduct:

  • ​7 Climb customers interviews

  • 3 School staff/Admission Officers

  • 5 Usability tests of current site and loan application

  • 5 Usability tests of proposed loan application

  • Synthesized 200+ user submitted comments/feedback

  • Synthesized data from live chat conversations with customer service

What Did We Learn?


  • Users stopped application because they did not have the information needed to continue

  • Users did not know if their interest rate was high or low

  • Users were uncomfortable sharing sensitive information “Why do they need my Social?


  • “I don’t want to do the math, do it for me”

  • Only 1/5 users linked bank account

  • Unclear application steps



From synthesizing our research, we created two user profiles. We then mapped out the current user journey to understand the all the steps involved in the process and identify specific friction points.

Ideating Solutions


Keeping in mind the student flow and pain points, we conducted two rounds of Design Studio – individually draw 6 sketches, explain, critique, iterate, repeat – to individually generate ideas and put them on paper. We then dot voted the design ideas we liked the most to come up with the final screens.

Building & Testing

I digitized the sketches into high-fidelity prototypes using Sketch and then tested them with 5 new users using InVision.

● “How It Works” onboarding section
● "Loan Cost" example on school page
● Used FAQ when needed more information

● Liked "Save for later"


● Did not know if interest rate quoted was low or high

Still unclear how linking bank information would speed up the process

Key Design Decisions



Inform client about user's motives and behaviors when looking for finance options

Created detailed user persona profiles based on research data

Eliminate guesswork once the users are in the application and reduce drop-offs

Provided onboarding opportunity prior to starting the application

Make users comfortable sharing their information

Reduced confusing jargon and explain why information is needed

Easily return to a previously started application to edit and submit

Added "Save for later" option

Final Visual Design

Climb Team Feedback

“We're very excited to implement this work, and I can't underscore enough how useful and professional it is! We're all kind of blown away by how great your work is” – CPO

“We were very impressed with the quality of your work. You've given us very helpful and actionable feedback. Thanks again for the great work!” – CTO

“You all -- individually and collectively -- PWNed it to the max. Your work, enthusiasm, and results are truly inspiring” – Ops Manager

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